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Tatjana Dzambazova

RC22352: From Reality to Design – ReMake and Fusion360!

(Duration 01:28:48)

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Key Learning

Key Learning

  • learn about a new sofwtare Autodesk ReMake (formerly known as Memento)
  • learn how to make useful 3d models from reality
  • get inspired by amazingly inspiring success stories
  • learn tips and tricks to speed up your success rate





Today, ubiquitous sensors make it possible to digitize the real world around us. To do what, you ask?

We can digitize objects from the past for archiving purposes, digitize historic collections to enable universal access, monitor and protect natural landscapes or species and make education more fun! We can also digitize physical art for commercial purposes, digitize ourselves for fun or medical purposes, make realistic assets for games, film and exciting new interactive experiences that can augment the value of the captured reality.

How is that relevant to us designers, the makers of the future?

Join Tanja and Grant for a 1.5 hour lab session and learn how to use captured reality to start new designs and create 3d models in novel ways. We’ll cover how to create a 3D model by tracing over a digitized capture, how to create new designs using complex shapes made by nature as inspirations or as final parts in your designs, how to develop designs variations switching between physical and digital prototypes, how to make personalized accessories or medical equipment, or simply how to repair broken parts no longer available for sale …

With ReMake and Fusion360, we offer new exciting concept and design workflows – join us and learn how to do it all!

Target Audience

Target Audience

beginners and seasoned artists designers, engineers wanted to learn or deepen their knowledge of capturing reality for further use in AR/VR, design, simulation, art.



Tatjana Dzambazova

Product manager of Autodesk ReMake (formerly known as Memento), employee nr. 1 and one of the founders of the Consumer group and the 123D product line, previous product manager for Revit, 123D Make, 123D Design. Project lead and producer of the Smithsonian-Autodesk collaborative project

Technology whispering:

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Trained architect with 12 years of practice in Vienna and London. Perennially fascinated by how technology enables a more creative life, she decided to continue her career in the digital design world and has now been with Autodesk for 15 years.

A staunch believer that we are all born with a sense of creativity and the need to express it, she has been telling stories and leading product development teams that transform powerful algorithms into tools accessible by wide range of people.

Tanja has written books, studied 8 languages, and acted in theater and film.

Grant Holmberg-Baugher

Senior studying Product Design at University of Oregon, and working as an intern on the Autodesk Remake team.

Grant has been exploring reality computing hardware and software as a member of the Strategy and Research team from 2014-16, in an aim to better understand what it takes to go from physical to digital and back. He brings a strong skill set using CAD, beginning his college education perusing a degree in Automotive Engineering, later moving into the material and product studies program at University of Oregon, school of Architecture and Allied Arts.

At AU 2014, Grant competed in, and got 2nd place in the Fusion 360 Design Slam. At AU 2015, Grant represented the Autodesk Education program to present a concept product with teammates and participated in the education summit on a panel talk focusing on his experiences with STEAM.

With a strong grasp of solid and surface modeling, he creates cars and consumer products in his spare time, sharing skills as a Fusion 360 user through work with the evangelism team, as well as assisting with meetups for professionals and students.

Fusion 360 Content:

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  • 2016
  • RC22352
  • AU Las Vegas


  • Autodesk ReMake
  • Fusion 360
  • ReCap 360


  • General Manufacturing and Product Design
  • Education


  • Reality Computing
  • Animation and Entertainment