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Karthik Nathan

RC12217-L: Memento—High-Definition 3D Models from Reality

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Key Learning

Key Learning

  • Learn how to make high-quality 3D meshes from captured reality
  • Learn how to clean up, fix, and prepare 3D meshes for publishing
  • Learn best practises of how to capture photos and scans for best 3D model generation
  • Learn about various use cases where models made from reality capture can be of use



Scanners and cameras are becoming ubiquitous and they enable us to digitize the world around us. Creating useful and meaningful 3D models from reality, however, is quite a challenging and tedious process that is slow and requires expertise and use of multiple and expensive solutions. Memento software aims to simplify that process and thus make reality computing accessible to a variety of users. Come to this inspiring hands-on class and learn not only how to create high-quality assets from any reality capture, but most importantly, how to prepare and optimize them for publishing for AR/VR, film, game, web, or mobile use; digital workflows; or 3D printing. Learn the basics and get some insider tips and tricks and become an expert with Memento software.

Target Audience

Target Audience

Creative audience, artists, drone flyers, CG exerts, gamers, AR and VR



vidanom m

Mitko Vidanovski is a technologist with a Master Degree in Architecture. From the early days of his studies, he was intrigued by digital design technology, and he began exploring a number of CAD, 3D modeling, rendering and animation tools which he soon mastered.

In 2012 he joined Autodesk’s Reality Solutions group, and soon to become the technical expert of the group. He is responsible for leading the online community efforts in his group, developing deep product analysis, and making pilot tests of new technologies involving 3D laser scanning and photogrammetry.

Previous to Autodesk, Mitko worked in progressive environments such as Otherlab and Because We Can, where he gained experience in various fabrication technologies, such as 3D printing, laser cutting and CNC milling.



  • 2015
  • RC12217-L
  • AU Las Vegas


  • Memento
  • ReCap


  • General Manufacturing
  • General AEC


  • Reality Computing