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Dean Nurscher

ANZ15-ME01: Industry Keynote: The future of making entertainment

(Duration 27:31)

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Today, the way people make things, the way people do the business, and the way people enjoy the entertainment are changing. In this session, we will talk about how the 'Future of Making Things' is impacting the Media & Entertainment Industry. How the demand has changed? How the products have changed? As the result, we see a lot of changes and challenges in the production method. We will talk about the changes we see in the industry and how to react to those changes.



Dean Nurscher

Dean has held various roles in the ANZ Media & Entertainment industry since the early 90's, when the non-linear editing industry was still in it's infancy. He has been an evangelist for solutions ranging from professional through to high-end finishing system's for customers in the film, television and games industries. For the past nine years Dean has been representing Autodesk's Media & Entertainment products in Australia and New Zealand. This experience gives him a unique insight into the opportunities and challenges customers are seeing in the rapidly converging media & entertainment markets

Kazuo Nishimatsu

Kazuo Nishimatsu (Nishi) is a sales manager, responsible for Media & Entertainment APAC Sales Group, which its area includes Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, China, India and ASEAN countries. He is based in Japan and has 8 years of software sales management experience in Entertainment industry, 5 years of simulation software sales experience in Semiconductor industry, and 7 years of mechanical device sales experience in Electronics field mainly for the wireless communication industry



  • 2015
  • ANZ15-ME01
  • AU Australia


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