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Mikel Martin

PL1753: The Data Management Avengers

(Duration 01:28:16)

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Key Learning

Key Learning

  • Participate in a meaningful panel-led discussion on data and information management
  • Describe Autodesk® products for product lifecycle and data management



Meet and have an open discussion with a panel of Autodesk Data Management Avengers. Discuss a number of subjects. Bring your questions for us to discuss and advise.

Target Audience

Target Audience

Anyone who would like to learn about and discuss PLM and data management solutions from Autodesk



Mikel Martin

Mikel Martin has worked in the CAD/PLM industry in various roles for over 19 years. Before joining Autodesk 7 years ago he held positions as; CAD designer, CAD, Manager, and Implementation Consultant at various companies. Mikel is currently a User Experience Designer at Autodesk on the team responsible for Vault and PLM360.

Anil Chintamaneni

Anil Chintamaneni is a User Experience Designer at Autodesk. Anil started at Autodesk in 2005 as a Quality Assurance Engineer and later became a User Experience Designer. Anil worked on different Data Management products such as Vault, Autodesk Productstream Professional, Metaphase and Teamcenter. As a UX Designer at Autodesk, Anil's primary focus has been in the area of Vault Server and Vault integration for CAD applications such as Inventor, AutoCAD Civil 3D, etc. Prior to joining Autodesk, Anil worked (as a contractor) at Ford Motor Company as a Product Data Collaboration Engineer.

Irvin Hayes Jr

Irvin Hayes is a product manager for the data management group at Autodesk in Novi, Michigan. Irvin has worked at Autodesk for seven years starting in product support and as a user experience designer. Irvin is a Microsoft® Certified Professional, and has been working in the information technology field for more than 19 years.

Adam Luttenbacher

Adam is a Sr. User Experience Designer and has been with Autodesk for over 11 years. Years of experience with Autodesk's data management software has allowed Adam a significant role in improving the experience and quality along the way. Each year, educating and interacting directly with the user community at Autodesk University has always been a top priority for Adam.

Adam Peter

As a Customer Success Engineer Adam has worked with an abundance of clients providing a helpful hand and keen insight relating to all areas of data management. As part of the product group at Autodesk, Adam understands Vault and its integration with design tools such as Civil 3D, Revit, Navisworks and AutoCAD better than anyone else in the industry. With a conversational teaching style and over 13 years of teaching experience, Adam is not only comfortable to listen to but also very easy to learn from.



  • 2013
  • PL1753
  • AU Las Vegas, I3D


  • Vault Professional, Autodesk PLM 364


  • Aerospace & Defense Equipment
  • Process Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing Other
  • Life Sciences Manufacturing
  • Industrial Machinery


  • PLM and Data Management