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CV6208: Innovation Forum: The Future of How Infrastructure is Made: Systems That Serve an Evolving Society

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The needãand the abilityãto innovate is greater than ever. New ways of working are needed to create our evolving society. Every system you design, from the electrical grid that lights and heats our homes, to water system that supports life, to the railroads on which we travel, to the refineries that provide the gasoline for our carsãunderwrites a US$53 trillion demand for new or replacement infrastructure. Hear about the future of how infrastructure will be made, and the trends in technology that will radically transform the way you, as industry professionals, plan, design, deliver, and operate tomorrowês infrastructures by moving infrastructure delivery into a new era.



Wasiq Bokhari

Wasiq Bokhari is the founder and executive chairman of QBotix. A technology entrepreneur with 15 years of experience, he has worked with Chevron Technology Ventures and Hitachi Corporate Venture Capital. He holds a PhD in physics from MIT and was part of the team that discovered the top quark at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory in 1995.

Ben Davis

Ben Davis began his career as the manager of public information on the $4B Boston Harbor Cleanup Project. In 1994, he moved to San Francisco and started a creative communications firm that has led communications on infrastructure projects totaling more than $15B. Davis is also the visionary behind The Bay Lights project and the founder and CVO of Illuminate the Arts, a nonprofit organization that creates transformational works of public art.

Ira Winder

Ira Winder is a research scientist at the MIT Media Lab. He manages the design and development of CityScope, an augmented reality platform for collaboration and complex decision support. CityScope tools are designed to create more informed stakeholders, build stronger consensus, and streamline the process of community engagement throughout the design and implementation of large infrastructure and development projects.



  • 2014
  • CV6208
  • AU Las Vegas


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