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DG1382: Copy and Paste Your Universe: Creating and Implementing Modular 3D Environments

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In this class, we present tried and tested methods for creating large-scale environments out of modular pieces. These tricks can help you populate your scenes with geometry and dress your shots quickly. Our case study is a 4-minute short film that used a single12 foot x 12 foot modular set to bring an entire story to life.

Key Learning

  • Create set pieces with an understanding of modular design
  • Prepare assets for use in a modular setup
  • Create a scene that uses modular assets and assemble an environment quickly
  • Dress the set with more modular assets to give areas a unique quality


Primary Speaker: Kenny Roy

Kenny Roy started in the animation industry in 1997 as a dustbuster on a children's animated feature. Since then, he's gone on to animate some of the most memorable characters on screen, from Scooby Doo to King Kong. In 2007 he founded Arconyx Animation Studios in Los Angeles, CA where he directs projects ranging from TV commercials to short films to visual FX. An animation teacher for almost 8 years, Kenny is also a mutiple-published author in animation and a world-traveling lecturer and runs an animation training portal through


Advertising, Publishing & Graphics Design, Games, Film & TV


Maya, 3ds Max

Animators, students, and generalists who are looking for techniques to create large environments without the need for a huge development process

Year: 2013