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DG3717: Making Faces

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This is an intensive class about animating a human face. You learn how to see a face: its form and structure and its features when a person talks, feels, and expresses. We cover anatomy and muscle behavior, and we explore what's really going on underneath a face when that face is showing emotion. We show examples of great facial acting and the psychology behind this acting in making human characters come alive. Although this is a class that specializes in faces, the subject matter is a very large part of how a CG artist can become a master animator and actor. This class is also software agnostic. Although we demonstrate with Maya® software, we are focusing on the art and techniques of character facial animation that work whether your platform is Maya, 3ds Max®, or Autodesk® Softimage® software.

Key Learning

  • Animate character faces with believability and realism
  • Observe and recreate subtle expressions in human faces
  • Act out real human facial expressions
  • Explain the anatomy of human facial expressions


Primary Speaker: Chris Landreth

Chris Landreth started his adult life as a mechanical engineer, until he decided in 1990 that doing animation would be much more fun.� Since then he's been creating short films, first with Alias Inc. (now Autodesk), then with the National Film Board of Canada.� His film�Ryan�(2004) received the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film, Grand Prize at OIAF (for Best Independent Short Animation), and 60 other international awards.� His latest�film,�Subconscious Password, received the Annecy Cristal for Best Short Film from the 2013 Annecy International Animated Film Festival.For the past 3 years Chris has taught Making Faces, a masterclass on Facial Animation. He's brought this course to studios and schools around the world, including Dreamworks Animation, the University of Pennsylvania, Digital Domain and Ecole Georges Melies in Paris.


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Maya Entertainment Creation Suite

Animators and filmmakers

Year: 2013