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MA4287: Mechatronics: Taming the Beast

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In many companies, the mechanical and electrical design are combined, creating a single mechatronic design process. Do your mechanical designs include electrical wires, harnesses, and components? When completing your electrical designs, would you like to use tools especially designed for electrical drawing creation? Autodesk® Inventor® is the design tool of choice for the physical components and AutoCAD® Electrical for the electrical components. You can create a seamless interface between the two using three basic guidelines. We will study these guidelines and how they work. During the class, we will use AutoCAD Electrical to create a circuit representing a wire harness, and then export the data into Inventor. In Inventor, we will create wires and cables and export the data into AutoCAD Electrical.

Key Learning

  • Export the wire harness and cable for use in AutoCAD Electrical
  • Create and export AutoCAD Electrical wiring data for use in Inventor
  • Modify a wire harness and create a cable in Inventor
  • Import data from AutoCAD Electrical into Inventor and create a wire harness


Primary Speaker: Randy Brunette

Randy Brunette has joined Autodesk as an Electrical Subject Matter Expert. Randy’s duties on the CIA team include helping channel partners and customers through mentoring and understanding their business issues and finding solutions that solve their challenges. Randy has been in the design field using Autodesk products over 27 years, with experience across multiple segments of the Manufacturing industry. He has been in an Application Engineer role for 18 years. Prior to joining Autodesk, Randy was a sole proprietor of a consulting business specializing in AutoCAD Electrical, traveling in North America and Europe providing consulting services. Randy is a top rated speaker at Autodesk Universities, Technical Academies, and seminars. He has authored AutoCAD Electrical training manuals, videos, and other materials.




AutoCAD Electrical

Users who are interested in exploring the interface between Autodesk Inventor and AutoCAD Electrical

Year: 2011